Leafeon by ~EvilQueenie

Leafeon c:

by EvilQueenie

Old Haunter doodle~

Aurora by EvilQueenie

Aurora by me xD So I’m gonna reblog my own art, the pictures I can find to fill out my tumblr a bit! :)

Princess Twilight Sparkle by ~EvilQueenie

Also my art, it’s fine that people upload it as long as they give me credit (like this one). But I would prefer to upload it myself.

Ariel by EvilQueenie

reblogging my own art :0
Two of my favorite characters from Adventure Time, highly inspired by Nats beautiful art~ Had a lot of fun with this picture. <3
A background I made like, half a year ago XD I wanted to submit it but I forgot  I smacked on the king logo and the Pet Rescue Saga logo (which is the game I’m working with).It’s quite rough but I still like it, very pink and it feels really disney inspired~ <3It’s not shown until level 300-400 something, crazy amount of levels. @@Feel free to play the game, it’s free! Facebook:
Ios: for looking! 
All the Main birds in each generation, would like to finish the sketch. :D
Need to work on how to make the others as adorable as Pidgey to the left X)

muura asked: hello, i streetpassed you in GDC and at the hotel too apparently, haha :D

Ah yeah that was awesome, I remember your cute mii xD 

gosh your art is adorable btw, must follow -w- <3

This started off as a doodle very early this morning when I couldn&#8217;t sleep and later today I started rendering her because I can&#8217;t stop drawing air-a. X3
I&#8217;m quite pleased with the result, it was fun to give her really red lips as well! :3c